Wednesday, October 24, 2007

{ Featured Artist - Quilly Silly's Vintage Boutique}

{ About the Artist }

Hi! I am so excited to be featured on the Aged Vintage Papier! My name is Angie, known as QuillySilly, and I live in Texas with my devoted husband and my two little stinkers, plus the 3 dogs. I have been creating things from paper for as long as I can remember and truly I know that this is what I was always meant to do. My work is definitely vintage, with a slightly altered art-ish twist. I love to work on a small scale, so you will see lots of mini albums, tins and tags in my portfolio, plus my favorite: the Coin Roll Album! Really, if it is paper, I'll so something with it. My family and friends always joke with me and say that they can't ever just throw something away, unless they find out if I can use it first...

My favorite materials to work with are paper (vintage style of course!), ribbons, old buttons and lace ande metal accent pieces. I really strive to make pieces that look like you found them at the bottom of a trunk stashed away in a dusty old attic, but with new materials. Plus as an extra little treat, most of my items are scented a yummy buttery vanilla, so you that you feast your nose and well as your eyes. Make sure to stop by my Etsy shop and my Ebay store, plus take a moment to wander through my blog! I'd love to hear from you, but as I tell everyone...make sure you bring some coffee with you! Toodles...Angie

Take a peek at my vintage offerings at the following:
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Oh MY GOSH, is all I can say about Angie's work above! It is so scrumptiously vintage and fabulously loaded with warm, inviting treasures. It makes me want to see all of the pieces in person, to feel the different textures, and peak at every inch of vintage/aged Bliss! WOW, Angie you work is inspiring, you are a true Vintage Artist. PLEASE check out Angie's fabulous ETSY shop, EBAY shop and Blog via the links above, certainly eye candy!
~Have a fabulous day~
Amy :)