Friday, October 26, 2007

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My name is Jerusalem Greer and I live in North Little Rock, Arkansas with my sweet little family; My husband of 1o years is Nathan, our sons are Wylie (7) and Miles (3). We live in a 1940's Traditional in a great old neighborhood called Park Hill. There is a lot to be done on the house and if you ever read my blog you will hear me moan about it from time to time.

I have always been ‘crafty’ but it wasn’t until last year that I really found my niche in paper crafts with my Banners. I have always loved fabric – the colors, the patterns, and the textures – but I have never been great at sewing and mostly I have been overwhelmed by it. However, with paper, I have found that I can create colorful and lovely pieces using all sorts of great patterns along with glitter and ribbon and without pulling my hair – or a bunch of seams- out! I also love to combine technology with good old fashioned cut-and-paste techniques. I feel this gives my work both a modern and vintage feel all at once. I am inspired the colors and patterns from the 1930’s-1950’s. I love most colors, but with a faded hue… As if they have sat in the sun a little too long. Movies, children’s books and fabrics are also places I find great inspiration –, and I would have to say that when I find an item I love for my home or for work, color is usually the thing that drew my attention first- which I am sure is reflected in my work!

In addition to my Etsy shop, I have a design business called Storia di Vita Design. Storia di Vita loosely translates into “Story of Life” in Italian and I have always believed that all good design is just another form of storytelling. My design business encompasses many things from interior design to web design to product design. In addition to my Storia HOME online, I have an itty bitty shop locally as well, where I sell my Banners and other handmade items, along with vintage furniture, home goods and holiday items.
I do quite a bit of custom banners and crowns, and next month I will launch my Happy Banner Club, which will give customers a way to pre-order Banners for each holiday. I have also started offering my Banners wholesale, which is a new, if not a little nerve wracking development!

I feel very blessed that I am living out my dream to be a shop keeper and designer. I love that I get to help others make their lives a little lovelier with something as simple and fun as a banner!

Many Happy Returns,
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To purchase Jerusalem's Chic banners click here! For vintage notions and goodies visit Storia Vintage... I know first hand how fabulous Jerusalem's artwork is! I purchased a "Happy Birthday Alaina" banner for my princess's first birthday! Receiving the package was like Christmas in July! It was placed ever so carefully in pretty packaging. It was meticulously hand cut, adorned with lots of yummy glitter and was strung by the most lush ribbon... I gave some vague ideas to Jerusalem as to what I was looking for and she gave me exactly what I imagined and MORE! She has fabulous taste and I am sure to be back for another banner or two, or three, tee hee! The Christmas Banner is on my Dear Santa list :)
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Have a Fabulous Weekend!