Thursday, October 18, 2007

{ Featured Artist - Shabby Cottage Studio }

{ About the Artist }

I have always had a love for paper, drawing and art supplies (whether I knew how to use them or not!). So the creative bent has been with me since childhood, but for me it wasn't until I was in my late 30's, that I decided to seriously do anything about it. I moved from drawing, to watercolors, to working with papier mache, creating functional vessels, decorative items, hand made paper, and doing the craft show dance.

I still wasn't satisfied until I met a decorative painter who became my teacher, my mentor and my best friend, still to this day. She opened the world of acrylic painting for me. For over 15 years I never looked back, never thought I'd do anything but paint til my dying day. I taught classes to adults, opened my own shop and studio, met the most wonderful people of my life and felt blessed beyond belief.

When my husband moved to the mountains of Tennessee I closed my shop, said farewell to friends and family and landed in a whole different world. I opened a shop and tried to get the business going again but it just wasn't working the way I needed it to. I suffered a devastating burn out that left me reeling with a strongly felt loss of self. So once again I closed my shop and wondered…now what? I had so wrapped my life up in being a painter and teacher and here I was no longer either which left a big hole in my heart.

I went in search of something to replace that sense of self and plug up that hole. And accidentally discovered the world of mixed media, collage and altered art.
I felt like I had come home to my roots. I am able to incorporate my love for vintage into my work and play with paper and glue and color and texture and layers. How fun! I've also become immersed in creating digital art cards and prints. The past 18 months have been fascinating and I'm excited and passionate about art again. My rural area has no art community to speak of, but I started a blog, joined some ebay and Yahoo groups and discovered a wonderful art community online. I've made friends all over the world.

Last fall I opened an Etsy store and two weeks ago I opened my own online web store where I sell my original artwork and altered art supplies. I feel like the hole in my heart is healing. I can't use my old business name any more but my new name, Shabby Cottage Studio, suits me just fine. Maybe one day I'll even pick up a paint brush again ~ Gail ~

{ Shop Details }

You must stop buy Gail's Etsy Shop and Website! There is so much to say about Gail and her treasures! I am a big fan of her fabulously shabby aged look at her pieces truly takes my breath away and gives me the inspiration I need to GET CREATING! She is a sweet spirit and is completely accommodating to do business with. Please stop by her blog and take a peek at her newest creative endeavors...I promise you will be inspired!