Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{following up...}

Well after some time of having my computer in the doctors office, I am excited to be back!! I wanted to come through with some photos I promised a WHILE back! So sorry! And I have to apologize for the quality... They were taken from my phone. My camera, well that's a whole other story, lol!

Remember the photo arranging post I did here... Well here is my three little blessings over my leather couch! I want to put something else above, but I am not quite sure yet... I love how the different frames add such a beautiful interest and contrast!

And here are a few bathroom pics! Remember what it looked like HERE! Needs help right!! Well here is some photos of the amazing transformation below!

We put solid wood wainscoting on the bottom with a trim on the top and painted it a creamy white for a cottage appeal. The Light and faucet are the newest fad, Oil brushed bronze. They were purchase at my favorite home supply website at! The bronze ornate candle holder, towel holder and chic paisley towel were purchased at Marshalls and TJ Max. The beautiful solid wood mirror makes a bold statement and is nice contrast against the white on the bottom. I am still going to add a picture or some art above the sink.
A custom storage closet that my hubby built with matching storage containers was a necessity! We used MDF boards to make the shelves functional, yet easy to clean. A simple Linen swag adorns the window.

A wooden dish found at a thrift store, holding some soap bars adds some more contrast to the white backdrop!

I tried taking some pics of my tub but they were not coming out clear. I will retake them all once my camera is up and running! Just a reminder... this is what the bathroom looked like before! What a transformation!!! It as so fun finally getting to the little details! More pics to come...

xxxooo AMY