Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{In loving Memory of my Daddy...}

On 3/16/11 my Father has been gone for Ten years, this year he would have been 57. So much has happened since then, I wonder what kind of a man he would be today... Would he be bouncing his grand kids on his lap? Would he take them fishing? Or take them on a ride in his favorite machine, the back hoe :-) Would he have kissed their boo boo's or sang them a song? I know in my heart he would have done those things and more... Thank you Lord that you allow my daddy to see us today, show him the amazing Husband you have sent me and three beautiful gifts you have given me. We are blessed beyond words and are grateful or each and everyday we are together, please Lord let us not take another moment or granted. Let us find joy, even as we go through trials, strengthen us and shape us into what you wish us to be. Give us a heart to help those who are in more need than us... Give us a vision bigger than our own and lift us up to accomplish what we are meant to do in the short time that we are on this earth. I love my Daddy and miss him so... What will you do here before it's time to go?