Monday, April 6, 2009

{ It took me away! }

It was so day I was here and the next, not! I was taken! Down a winding road with no return. I just kept getting deeper and deeper in with no way out, no end in sight. I was tagged and poked, so many questions were asked and answered of me. My past, present and future was written from wall-to-wall! The terror, I fought my way out, I made that leap - Yikes, 2 hours later and my laundry is still 3 feet deep!

FACEBOOK! If you know it - you know what I am taking about! LOL

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But seriously, all jokes a side. It has been the most challenging few months for my family. We lost someone so very special to us.... I will blog more at a later time. I hope everyone is doing well and is warm and safe tonight. More great give-aways and features coming shortly!