Wednesday, December 12, 2007

{ Featured Artist - Gabriela Delworth }

{ About the Artist }

My name is Gabriela Delworth and I live in Toronto, Canada. I work as a freelance Craft Designer and Instructor teaching a variety of classes and workshop. I also offer free tutorials on my blog for those who want to learn some basic craft techniques at home.
I am also a gift wrapping specialist who loves teaching classes and workshops. Check my classes here.
I am much honored to be part of a community that shares my same interests in creating amazing things with paper. Get to know me better! Visit my website for information on my background and professional experience. And my blog for the latest news, leave a message, I would love to hear from you!

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Gabriela's work is truly fit for royalty! She has impeccable taste and style in each of her creations. Not to mention, amazing talent and originality. Each Crown looks as though it should be locked in a glass case, fit for princesses and queens in high royal palaces! She also wraps packages beautifully and makes is look so very easy... She is truly a gem overflowing with knowledge and talent. Please take a look at her website and blog, you will surely spend some time in awe of her creative contribution to the world.
Warmest Holiday Blessings,