Sunday, November 11, 2007

{ Featured Artist - Posh Paisley }

{About the Artist}

Hello! My name is Linda Wendeborn and I live in Beaverton, Oregon with my husband of 7 years and your 2 kiddos Malia (4) and Alex (1.5)....and I guess I shouldn't forget our super patient and tolerant cat Coco. I am very thankful that my husband is supportive of my huge collection of supplies and puts up with my projects that at sometimes seem to take over the house. I've lived in Oregon all my life (about 15 minutes from Portland) and love that I'm an hour away from the Pacific Ocean in one direction and an hour away from the mountains in the other. I will admit I'm definitely a beach person over a mountain gal. I hate being cold!

I can remember loving all kinds of arts and crafts in grade school and started making holiday & birthday cards for everyone we knew when I was about 7. I then started scrapbooking in Jr. High (long before there were cool tools and papers out there) and rubber stamping. I still love paper crafts above everything else, I think because I feel an instant gratification with creating something beautiful in such a short period of time. I am completely addicted to quality papers, ribbons, stamps, inks, glitter, rhinestones, and most embellishments. I love the look of aged and antiqued papers and things Parisian & Shabby Chic! Other crafty things I enjoy doing are making jewelry, beaded keychains, fun magnets, kids hair clips & bows, altering books, notebooks, clipboards, tins etc. with vintage images, ribbons & more. I also love fabrics, and have quite a collection going and have started a few quilts (but not finished any!). Someday I hope to become a more dedicated quilter, like my Grandmother who makes the most amazing works of art! I am lucky enough to have been given quite a few that are a constant inspiration to me.

My Etsy shop was born this past May, once I had the time to tap back into my creative self after leaving the corporate world in the summer of 2006. I never feel truly happy unless I can be doing something creative on a daily basis. Before I opened my Etsy shop I was dreaming of paper and tags every Posh Paisley Studio was created. I am still so excited about Etsy and am so happy to be in an environment that is friendly, creative, and supportive of everything handmade. I am currently getting ready for several local craft shows and holiday bazaars, but I hope to have my shop stocked again soon.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me.
Happy creating!

{Shop Details}
Take a timeless trip to Paris by visiting Linda's Fabulous boutique: Posh Paisley! The first time I took a stroll over to this wonderful place, I was instantly hooked on it's warm, aged, parisian style. I love Linda's inking technique..almost like she applies the ink with a fine bristled brush. I adore how the black aging contrasts with her impeccable posh paper selections. If you are a Paris Themed tag collector, than you MUST shop here :)