Sunday, February 20, 2011

{ with a lot of love, tlc, hardwork, sweat, tears etc....}

{Old things CAN become NEW again}

This is a photo of my humble little lake house BEFORE! Yes that is stone on the floor and YES there are somewhat boarded up windows! We truly took a labor or love and have been working on it continously for about a year and a half! We are not done, but are getting nails, screw, board etc.. at a time!

Above is a before photo of our petite bathroom. And AFTER pics to be coming shortly! I know, I am teasing! I am still in tile un-descision... Maybe I will post to have my blog readers help me decide....

Here are some photos of inspiration.... the final reveal to come soon!

{my hubby is in photo to the left and an amazing friend to the right}

Have a fabulous and restful Sunday! Hey, didn't that ground hog say we were going to have an early spring? Go figure?

The snowy lake in my front yard ~ at sunset


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