Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fabulous BLUE

So, after six months of insanity! YES, insanity!! I went back to work full-time after staying home with our beautiful babies for 7 years. I find myself home, again... thank GOD! It was not only 40 hours a week, but two hours of drive time each day... making it a grand total of being away 50 hours a week. BUT with the snow, yes that lovely yet awful at the same time, white stuff... it added about another 5 hours a week of driving time.... being away from my precious family a whopping 55 hours per week. UGH It was not all a loss, it was a great lesson and I was able to buy my little pt cruiser to boot! (LOVE THAT CAR TEE HEE!) So now I find myself pursuing a passion that I have always aspired to do, Real estate! As I study my little heart out to take the NY exam, I am hoping to get some blogging done in between!

So, in the midst of studying, I am also working on my kitchen! And yes, I am totally and madly in love with BLUE lately! Those beautiful hydrangeas add such a pretty splash of color don't they?
And the blue glass!! AHH! I will be showing you some of my collection soon! :-)
The blue glass tile makes such a pretty yet bold statement! Although, I am not brave enough to do that! I like paint, it's easy to change!

Well, better get back to painting my cupboards! Pictures to come soon! xxxooo

photos from house beautiful