Sunday, February 21, 2010

{ Fabulous Victorian Clock Give-Away! }

As a lover of all things papier... it is especially a treat when I receive something in my mailbox! And I am not talking about my email inbox or my facebook inbox. I am speaking of the one that I have to leave my front door for and walk down the road to get to. The one that I have wait till about 12:30pm to get anything in the box and for some reason the box only fills once a day.. he he! Oh what a treasure to receive something other than a bill, an advertisement or a credit card offer!

Well a few weeks ago I did receive something exciting in my email inbox! I was contacted by CSN Stores to do a fabulous giveaway for one of their amazing websites! And I got to choose which item I thought would appeal to my viewers the most! So I hope you are pleased!

The drawing is for a Victorian Age Wrought Iron Pendulum Wall Clock
Valued at $48

{Accepting entries from
February 21st to March 3rd at midnight!}

There are two ways to enter! Place a post on this blog and you will have one entry OR place a post on this blog AND post on your blog to spread the word and you will receive 6 votes!

Please leave your email if you do not have a blog and also let me know in your post if you have shared this on your blog too, so I can give you the 5 extra entries...

I am excited to offer this fabulous give-away to my readers! Merci Beaucoup CSN STORES!