Sunday, November 29, 2009

{ Dreaming of a blue Christmas }

Being on the water has inspired me to do most of my main decorating with Blue accents. Once a lover of all thing sage green with accents of off white and burgundy... I am excited for the change! Considering all of my Christmas decor is now burgundy and gold, I will have to gradually make the change over. Above are some yummy pics of inspiration I thought I'd share!
What colors do decorate with? When do normally hunt for that perfect tree? This year we acquired ours early. The day was so nice and un-seasonably warm for NY. We get an abundance snow here, so getting our tree when it's snowing is not necessary! :-) We usually have snow until May sometime early April! Eeesh!
This year, since we are down sizing our living space. We are not going to go crazy buying stuff for the kids that they won't have any room for or most likely play with for a few days and forget about it. I have it on my heart to buy a little less for them, yet include them more in the "giving" side of Christmas. Letting them help decide who we buy little surprise gifts for, help brainstorm for gift ideas, make handmade gifts or cookies, let them tape the packages and decide which pretty ribbon we use... I know that they will be blessed more by really understanding the reason for the season. Seeing loved ones open packages that they have a part in will warm their hearts and bless their little souls :-)
I would love to hear what colors others decorate with and any tree hunting traditions that you may want to share!
Warmest Blessings,
photos compliments of Better homes and gardens and Country Living