Tuesday, October 27, 2009

{ Seasons of Change }

Life certainly has it's ups and downs... There are so many seasons in ones life. A season of rest, of work, a season of joy or grief and sorrow, a season of a new life, a season of prosperity. A season of dreams, of change and transition. As I live in New York - I often appreciate the change in seasons. Each one bring a new beauty of it's own. A new smell in the air. A new adventure in the midst.
We have had many "seasons" this year in our family... Most recently we have had a season of grief and a season of change. We have moved into a new home that we are in the process of completely renovating. It is smaller than our previous home, yet we enjoy our new front yard... which resides a huge lake. What a new season and adventure for us.... Once this renovation is done, we will be able to fully appreciate God's gift of a wonderful body of water, Lake Ontario...
I pray that as everyone who reads this blog that is going through "season", that the grace that you have is sufficient to carry through each of lives changes victoriously.
Warmest Blessings,
Amy Sutter
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