Friday, May 15, 2009

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First and foremost I must start by commenting on how humbled I am that one would want to read about my creations and my personal endeavors that brought me to where I am today. I am surrounded by and amongst many talented artists and designers in which I find myself on a constant self exploration and evolvement of my own creations or craft as some may call it.

Crepe paper to some may seem like colored tissue like paper. But you see it is more than that. It is a nostalgic tool that takes you back to your fifth birthday party, where you can barely remember who was in attendance. But the decorations, streamers and serpentine that were all strewn about have such clarity in your mind; you can almost reach out and touch them. Maybe the honeycomb decorations that were leftover on the dining room table bring a smile to your face. It's all coming back to you, isn't it? That is how I feel when I create with crepe, it makes me feel at home and for that reason alone, the ideas and feelings flow within me to create what I do. Many of my crepe creations come to me in the middle of the night, when I think most of our ideas do!

I am always on creative overdrive. It is my everyday challenge to find a different method or technique for the use of crepe paper, streamer and colored tissue paper. I am blessed that God has given me a very unusual gift and that is the gift of self-visualization. I believe that if you can see it in your mind and create that very idea into a tangible object with your own two hands, you have a gift. Mind you I don't take it for granted, it must be utilized as much as possible, and constantly bringing to life what you see in your mind. I hope that what I do brings joy and contentment to people's lives and takes them back to that place once long ago when there were no cares in the world and a few rolls of streamer meant it was our day to shine and celebrate till twilight came upon us and the last guest went home.

I am ever so fortunate to be in two current publication just released this month, Stampinton & Company Premier Issue of Apron*ology Vol.1. I am also a featured artist In Lisa Kettell's "Altered Art Circus" Techniques for journals, paper dolls, art cards, and assemblages. I will also be teaching two different Regalo Por Mi workshops this spring at ZNE Convenzione 2009 in Pleasanton, CA.
Ann-Denise Anderson
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Ann-Denise's work can be found at her blog : http://www.whimandfancydesigns.blogspot/ ,
Viewing Ann-Denise's work is a party for the eyes to see. She can turn a simple piece of crepe paper into a masterful piece of art with whimsy. Her creativity is truly a one of a kind find. Each piece is a precious work of art for the owner to cherish and enjoy. Her creations bring joy to the senses as each one is a colorful spectacle of a fun and fanciful imagination. Thank you Ann-Denise for sharing your marvellous gift with others!
Happy Monday everyone - Have a wonderful week~
Amy Sutter