Wednesday, January 7, 2009

{ Featured Artist - Catherine Haugland }

{ About the Artist }
My name is Catherine Haugland, and I'm the owner of Avalon Rose Design which is a graphic/website design business that specializes in vintage-inspired designs. I fell into what I do completely and utterly by accident, however, it is so fulfilling and rewarding. I love creating, and since glitter and glue are not my thing, digital design has become my passion. My love for all things vintage has found its way into my work from the very beginning. Whether it's an old postcard, rusty key, aged linen, roses, buttons, license plate, chipped clock, or a vintage bottle cap (all of which have been part of my work somewhere along the line), I love working with images of old things. Most of my images come from my vast collection of vintage ephemera and items, some I scan and some I photograph. My software programs of choice are Adobe's Photoshop & Dreamweaver, both of which I'm quite familiar with after working with them on a daily basis for so long.

I get my inspiration from a number of places and old magazine ad, my daughter's quilt, vintage postcards, the strange pattern in the carpeting in the local theater, sometimes even a story can spark something. I generally start out with a general idea of where I want to go with a design, but it never ends up looking like I originally planned it to. The creative process surprises me every time. It's the design aspect of what I do that I'm the most passionate about, but the technical side of things in my line of business is just as important. Writing the code that will encompass and support a design is something I do every day, and it's a never-ending learning process. My designs are featured on over a hundred websites, mainly for boutique, home d├ęcor, and antiques businesses. I've designed several print ads for businesses that are featured in many major publications, some designs of mine have been featured in Artful Blogging, and my portfolio was featured on I also have two other businesses, one featuring my jewelry designs, and the other vintage graphics available for download. All of my sites have recently been combined into one, The Avalon Rose Collection.

Catherine Haugland

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What a treat to start off the new year! A feature of my favorite graphic design artist!! I have been a fan of Cathy's since 2005 when I bought a Parisian eBay template. I find inspiration is her website designs... each and every visit to her website certainly appeased my vintage "aged" appetite. I eventually bought some of her graphics for sale and introduced them into some of my tags and cards. For my 30th birthday my Hubby bought me one of Cathy's premade one of a kind templates for my website - the best gift ever!

Cathy is by far, in my opinion, at the top of the elite web designers with a vintage flair. Each design is a true test of elegant whimsy. Her eye for balance is impeccable - a true inspiration for aspiring designers using graphics or paper. Each of her web creations are a piece of art as so many business owners have chosen to represent themselves on the world wide web using her creations.
Please take a moment and view her fabulous website above featuring web designs, eclectic jewelry and vintage graphics.
Have a fabulous beginning of a new year!