Thursday, November 20, 2008

{ There's no place like home! }

Well, we had a wonderful time! It wasn't as warm as I was expecting... in the 60's. A cold front came through beacause of a hurricane, but the day we travelled it was in the 70's. There was not a cloud in the sky and it was snowing in Sryacuse NY, so I was thankful for the 60's! Julie left a comment on my last post saying she had visions of a "Griswold family Vacation". He, he! We had moments of similarity, let's just say we will fly next time, lol! I will post more once I get the pics uploaded to my laptop.
I have a fabulous customer I thought I would share with ya'll. Her name is Kelli France. Yes, I would love to have that last name too! She is amazingly talented with the camera, here is her website if you would like to take a peak This is her second custom order with me for some Merci Beaucoup cards and matching tags for her clients as she gives them their pictures. What a great way to display her art and keep customers coming back for more!

Looking for a unique christmas gift? Why not put together a fabulous french themed basket for your chic friends or family! These tags, cards and prints would look great in it!
Last, yet certainly not least. The sweet Jeruselem from Storia home just emailed me to inform us of a giving away she is hosting - a holiday banner of your choice by leaving a comment here. I own one of her banners, so trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one!
Have a fabulous day and stay warm... brrr!