Sunday, February 24, 2008

{ Featured Artist - Pink Paris Paperie }

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{ About the Artist }
My name is Paulette. Some of you may know me as Paper Nosh on Etsy or my designs on Pink Paris Paperie my web site. I am a bit new to the paper world, although design is my background as an Interior Designer for over 25 years. I have owned antique and home accessory brick and mortor boutiques and worked as an Executive Senior Designer in Commercial and Residential Design. I also have another web site, Chez Paulette’s French Market, that I have operated for about four years now. I always so admired people who created pretty stationery and loved being at Market and the Stationery Shows picking out lots of great stationery and cards to sell in my stores.

When I gave up my brick and mortor shop and moved from the wonderful art community of Mendocino, CA and back to the Midwest where I grew up, and an aging mother, I knew I had to reinvent myself to survive ! I purchased my first computer for me, and went about meeting people who designed web sites and opened my first Ebay store, then my first website selling home furnishings with a Frenchie sort of theme, always dear to my heart. As great as it is it didn't really give me the creative outlet I needed. One of my newly acquired web masters ( and great friend, Elaine) took me under her wing and introduced me to the techie art world of Photoshop CS2, Corel Paint and Corel Draw, and Illustrator and then a Wacom tablet and pen. All so overwhelming ! I would break into a cold sweat just trying to do anything in Illustrator. But....I loved Photoshop and Corel and began to make little doodles and then progressed to creating watercolors and paintings in Corel. I learned to do digital collage, make my own brushes and patterns, and then I was addicted. My friends who saw my work encouraged me to make cards or prints of my work. I bought the best laser printer I could afford and learned everything I could about specialty papers, archival inks, and pretty embellishments. I began to make a mound of cards, package them and then put them away, never dreaming that there was an Etsy where people would like my work and actually pay for it !

I now work 18 hour days in perfect bliss producing my designs, printing, cutting, glittering and packaging my cards and stationery for shipment all over the world. Nothing leaves my overflowing studio without a touch, or a lot, of glitter, a Swarovski crystal or two and a pretty shimmering box and big satiny ribbons.

I have found what I think I was meant to do in my life with this new endeavor. What’s next? A new wide format printer where I hope to produce original wrapping papers and canvas art prints of my own designs, plus I would love to begin a dream of learning letterpress.

{ Shop Details }

I am personally thrilled to feature Paulette... I am in awe of her talent, using some of the greatest technology to bring her beautiful art into digital existence. Her creations are all original, spending hours upon hours teaching herself to make sure she gets it just right… her standards are impeccable. I recommend taking a gander at her original art creations…each depicting a story of French yesterdays… creating accurate representations of what I think to be late 18th to early 19th century France. Although she owns two successful websites and is the Senior Diva Administrator/Creative Director for Divapreneur…she still seems to keep her humbleness in tact and is not afraid to give advice and share some of her adventures as an artist. Please take an afternoon’s stroll in France at Paulette website's above and her blog here!

Warmest Blessings,
Amy Sutter