Thursday, January 10, 2008

{ Featured Artist - Sally S Smith }

{ About the Artist }

My formal education and my career has been and continues to be centered in music, but my passion is art. My three married children and 11 grandchildren live in three different states so to fill the void, I create. I’ve either drawn, painted, or stitched all my life until I found Mixed Media Art. Now I get completely absorbed in altered, collage and assemblage art and find great pleasure in these styles. I have sold my art on eBay and am currently selling on Etsy and a new site, Creative Call Studios. I am on the design team of Shabby Cottage Studios as well. I feel God has blessed me by giving me this time on earth and I try to use my time to glorify Him. My hope is that my art will bless other people as well.


{ Shop Details }

Sally's work is so rich and so deeply inspiring. Her pieces tell a story for us to decipher in our own imaginations. Her Blog (above) is a dedicated devotional, with a daily "Aged" artful creation followed by an inspirational message. Her art is truly from a deeper place and it speaks a message from her warm, creative soul. Please visit her shop, you will truly find something to fill your aged vintage indulgences...

Warmest Regards,
Amy :)